Three Kisses

13 Jul

When I was growing up I was fortunate enough to have THE BEST grandmother anyone could ask for. When we would stay with her during the summers she would always tuck us in to bed and after kneeling beside the bed to pray she would always give all of her grandkids 3 kisses each. I would always think this was so funny. I mean 1 kiss is typical but 3? Why three kisses?

One night I decided to ask her. “Grandma, why do you give us three quick kisses everytime you kiss us instead of just one big one?” She replied back, “Sugar, because I love you!” Thats it! Three kisses = I. Love. You! Another reason why she was so amazing!!

And I dont know if it’s in my genes or maybe I just adapted it from my grandma because I strive to be like her, but to this day, I give my babies three kisses each and every night. And I even cetch myself doing it throughout the day when I am holding them. So, when I kiss my babies I am giving them something they could never experience from my fantastic grandma.. her three kisses. And maybe one day they will ask me why I do what I do and I can respond with “because I love you, and so does your grandma!!”

3 Responses to “Three Kisses”

  1. Sarah July 14, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    Thanks for making me cry sis! Good going! I totally forgot about the three kisses but always wondered why I did this with Timothy. Makes sense now 🙂 Funny how you pick up on things not even knowing. I think about that all the time…about how Timothy (or Kevin) will never know grandma and papa – well, maybe I shouldn’t say never as they will one day…I just wish things were like they used to be sometimes and I always wish that when our kids grew up, they could play hide and go seek like we did at the parsonage. We didn’t even know at the time how much all those little moments meant to us…and how, even someone like me with my terrible memory…lol…will never forget those times. Love you! Thanks for reminding me!

    • Chanelle Tallmage July 14, 2010 at 10:44 am #

      No Problem! I have been thinking about Grandma and Papa LOTS lately. I just wish they could have met our babies… ok, I’m going to stop now b/c im tearing up!

  2. Tracy July 14, 2010 at 10:43 am #

    Ok, I don’t think I can read your posts anymore while I’m at work…whew, that took everything in me to not just bust out crying. I’m so thankful you have those memories! I love you so much (3 kisses)

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