Bi-Lo Free Items

30 Jul

I wanted to make everyone aware that Bi-Lo has monthly FREE items that are great deals! Everytime that you shop at a Bi-Lo grocery store, at the bottom of your reciept it says “Enter for a chance to win $250 in FREE groceries”. Besides the obvious great deal at a chance to win free groceries, if you actually take the time to fill out the survey (It only takes about 2 minutes) you are able to print off a coupon for something free at Bi-Lo. Throughout the course of me completing these surveys, I have gotten tomato paste, poptarts, 2-Liter Sodas, chips, canned fruit, pudding and many many more items ALL FOR FREE!!!! And you are not limited to how many Free items you can get each month. If you shop at Bi-Lo 15 times a month then you can get 15 FREE items as long as you take the time to complete the survey, even if you go and only spend a few dollars. This months Item is BBQ sauce. I had it on my grocery list for this week and was able to save by being able to get if free from Bi-Lo. Deals do not get much better than this!!

One Response to “Bi-Lo Free Items”

  1. Lisa August 20, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    I did not know this, thanks!

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