Not Feeling Too Hot

2 Nov

Where are the blog posts? Where are the recipes? Where are those new crafts you were suppose to be starting on?? The list goes on and on… I have tried my best to do better blogging but here lately I have not felt like doing much. And you know it is bad when I, Chanelle Tallmage, doesnt want to cook… or invent new recipes! I dont know what has been up with me lately… all I know is I am SO READY FOR THIS CRUD TO GO AWAY!!! I have not been feeling well for about the past week or so. It started with a terrible cold/sinuses and today has been major headaches and nausea. All I can say is please pray that I will start feeling better… if not for me but for you guys… the people that like to see new blogs and recipes!! šŸ™‚

One Response to “Not Feeling Too Hot”

  1. Tracy November 3, 2010 at 10:34 am #

    I’m sorry you’re still not feeling well. It must be this crazy weather that has everyone in a funk. Thank God you’re able to stay home while you and the babies get better. I’ll talk to you later.
    I love you

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