Computer Issues

4 Nov

ARGGGG!!!! My computer seems to have crashed or something yesterday… I am soooo upset!! It won’t even turn on at all… I am praying that I have not lost all of my documents and pictures… that will really be disappointing!!

I am currently on my hubbies computer… and can only go on a few select sites just in case I infected my computer by going on my oh-so-dear frugal sites!! Hopefully we can find a freind that can fix my computer because gosh knows, I do not have much money to be able to fix it.

I was planning on uploading pictures today of some monogram-like letters that I did yesterday for over Julianna’s bed. They turned out very well!! They are pink and brown to match her wonderfully girly bedroom…. I guess you will just have to wait though… sorry!!

I guess it is off George’s computer for me… maybe since I don’t have the temptation of the computer I can get these last few boxes from our move unpacked… and who knows what else. Ya’ll have a wonderful day!!

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