I Love…

14 Nov

I was thinking about a few funny, quirkey things that I love doing… or explain why I am me… and figured I would create a post about them…. so if you wanted to know a little bit more about me, here goes—

I love delving deeper into my faith, but just wish I could speak it to people the way I have it in my head!

I love being a wife, but hate getting in spats!

I love being a mom, but hate having to discipline them!

I love baking, but have all these dreams and no money to do anything about them!

I love being an adult, but hate having to be responsible and pay bills!

I love to imagine having more kids, but the two I have can be tough at times!

I love looking back on memories from my past, but wish I still had those people I enjoyed making those memories with still around me now!

I love to drive fast, but I hate to drive in general!

I love talking to people that are passionate about the same things I am, but that’s sometimes hard to find!

I love eating out and trying new things, but also enjoy cooking most meals at home!

I love creating new recipes, but feel like it was a waste of time and money if they turn out bad!

I love my friends, but realize that I am not the very best friend a person can have!

I love being creative, but often my projects turn out way better in my mind!

I love being called “mommy”, but am already dreading the day they “leave the nest”!

I love being a stay at home mom, but realize now that even they need time for themselves!

I love saving money, but hate buying something and then realizing afterwards that I could have saved even more on it elsewhere!

I love having a place to call home, but hate when bathroom cleaning day comes around!

I love being organized, but hate that that usually never happens around my house!

I love having date nights with my hubby, but really hate leaving my kiddos behind!

I love imagining a great blog post in my head, but hate when it comes out not-so-good after it is written!


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