Not Enough Thanks

19 Nov

When you pray, do you often give God a list of things that HE needs to do, or change, or look over, instead of giving HIM thanks?

I often start out my prayers with thanking God for my many blessings and then subconsiously begin ASKING HIM for anything and everything under the sun. From family protection, security, comfort, and the list goes on! In the middle of my prayers today it was as if something stopped me in my tracks and said “Stop asking all the time and give more thanks!” I have been hit with this question before but like most people busy with living their lives and all these Earthly things, I always revert back to ASKING instead of THANKING!

In our MIP session this past weekend, a minister within the state said that he breaks down his prayers. On Monday he will pray for his Church, on Tuesday he will pray for his denomination, on Wednesday he will pray for his U.S. leaders, so on and so forth. I liked that he offered how he prays because I often get overwhelmed during my prayers. If I had the time to pray all day, everyday then that would be great. But this is not feasable, I dont even think Monks are allowed that much time to pray!

So, in order for me to feel like I am not overwhelmed, I believe that I too am going to start praying like this. Just pick specific days to pray for specific things. And begin every prayer off with thanks to God. And then also delegate one day throughout the week where I ONLY THANK GOD…. AND DO NOT ASK HIM FOR ANYTHING!!! God has already gone over and beyond what I deserve… HE DESERVES TO BE THANKED MORE OFTEN!!! 


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