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Coffee-Mate Party Recap

5 Feb

Last night was my Coffee-Mate Free Flavor Friday party that I had blogged about hosting a week or so ago. It went great! The coffee, fingerfoods, and conversations were wonderful. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the coffee and maybe perhaps, with the help of Coffee-Mate creamer, I may have converted some from the ordinary milk and sugar creamer.

Thanks to all that came and to Coffee-Mate for the great experience!

Below are a mix of pictures from my camera and from Teresa Burke of Teresa Burke Photography. I must say, she did a MUCH better job of taking pics! 🙂 


As of March, 3, 2011, Coffee-Mate’s Facebook Page has been updated to include pics of the Free Flavor Friday Event. Go here to check out all the great Coffee-Mate inspired events (Including mine)!


Julianna’s First

9 Aug

My little girl turned one last Tuesday, August 3rd. This past weekend she had quite the First Birthday Party. Her theme was “Little Cupcake” and I went all out. We had tons of finger-foods, cakes, cupcakes and cupcake lollipops. I think she enjoyed herself… and I hope all the guests did as well! Julianna is more than worth every bit of it and I am so proud to call myself her mother. Her and her brother, Peyton,  brighten my days and constantly make me laugh. Doing things for them is not a chore but a blessing. I know why I was put onto this earth and it was to be their mother. God has blessed me with a wonderful family! Here are a few pics from this past weeks festivities…

4th of July… On the 5th

5 Jul

Today we had our 4th of July celebration. We had lots of great food and great people over. I am so blessed to have such great friends! I love having a house full of people and hearing adults laughing and children playing. Even after having a completely dirty… or should I say WET house, it makes it all the more fun! I love planning and getting together with people. And seeing everyone help out (because ya know, sometimes I just CANNOT have the food AND the decorations all out on time!) by putting stuff together and cleaning up makes me even more greatful that God has allowed my family and I to cross paths with such wonderful friends.

Today made me think… I Dont have to worry about how clean my house is or how perfect everything needs to stay, as long as my family and friends are having fun, throw water balloons inside my house (or perhaps JUST outside the door)… I can clean it later!

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