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Are You Content?

20 Dec

I have been thinking a lot lately about a lot of stuff… that probibly explains why I cannot sleep these days!! Today though, I boiled it down to one things (or more or less one thing)… instead of a jumble of clutter in my brain that just keeps thinking and thinking and thinking. It is along the lines of Content. Am I content in what I am doing? Am I content in what I have been blessed with? Am I content in my life?

So, now instead of praying for EVERYTHING that seems to make me discontent, like finances, unruly children, being unsure about where our ministry will lead us, feeling as if I dont live up to the “dreams” I had in my head of being a SAHM (Stay at home mom), so on and so forth… I am going to just start praying that I will be content in my circumstance! Be content about where God has placed us right here, right now. My prayer is that I will not focus on the future and try to figure out what God has planned for my family and I. Instead, I will pray that I will be content in this journey of life that God has me on and stop worrying so much about HOW and WHEN we are going to be doing what God has called us to do. I have exhausted myself trying to get to “the goal, prize, finish line”, whatever you want to call it, instead of trusting God that He knows what He is doing and enjoying my life, my family and my experiences.

Now…. If only I could FULLY set my mind in this state of “CONTENTMENT”!!!


4th of July… On the 5th

5 Jul

Today we had our 4th of July celebration. We had lots of great food and great people over. I am so blessed to have such great friends! I love having a house full of people and hearing adults laughing and children playing. Even after having a completely dirty… or should I say WET house, it makes it all the more fun! I love planning and getting together with people. And seeing everyone help out (because ya know, sometimes I just CANNOT have the food AND the decorations all out on time!) by putting stuff together and cleaning up makes me even more greatful that God has allowed my family and I to cross paths with such wonderful friends.

Today made me think… I Dont have to worry about how clean my house is or how perfect everything needs to stay, as long as my family and friends are having fun, throw water balloons inside my house (or perhaps JUST outside the door)… I can clean it later!

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