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Couponing- Consumer Contact

2 Jun

Do you get all of your coupons out of the Sunday paper? If so, you are missing out on some much better, higher-value, coupons! Although it is much more time consuming, contacting by email the brands that you use on a regular basis, is a great way to add to your coupon inventory. I began doing this about six months ago and it has really paid off. I almost always have two or more coupon envelopes in my mail each day. Its like getting little presents each day of the week! 🙂

A good way to start is to go through your house (kitchen cabinets, bathroom, etc) and write down all the products that you use often. Then, just sit down at your computer and Google each brand and click on the “Contact Us” link and complete all of the info and then under comments, ask for coupons. It is also a great idea to compliment them on their product… praise always makes people go over and beyond to please others!

Here is an example of what my “Comments” section looks like for most every company I email… Keep in mind though, I also personalize it more for companies I really like:

My family and I love your product and use it often. I was wandering if you offer coupons by mail to your consumers? If so, I would greatly appreciate anything you have to offer. Thank you so much for such a great product!

This is just a simple and quick email that gets your point across. They will usually send you an email after a few minutes to let you know that they are reviewing your email and will get back to you within a few days. Usually after this initial email though you will not receive another email…. but a letter in your mailbox with anywhere from one to five coupons. How easy is that?

Now, like I said earlier, doing this IS time consuming… but VERY worth it (if your an avid couponer, that is)!

It is also a good idea to keep a Word document with the date you contacted the brand and the brand name. That way next time you decide to do this, all you have to do is open up your Word document, instead of going back through your house to make another list. I also go back, once I have received coupons, and list the number and amount of the coupons that I have received…. but that is not necessary… that’s just me. Also, keep in mind, you can email companies once every six months to ask for coupons….

To make life a little easier for you, below I have 25 of the brands that I have contacted (this is no where near the list of emails that I have sent out asking for coupons though)… I hope this helps you!!

  1. Angel Soft
  2. Kings Hawaiian
  3. Lea and Perrins
  4. Land O Lakes
  5. Jif
  6. All Laundry
  7. Apple and Eve
  8. Crisco
  9. Folgers
  10. Welch’s
  11. Kimberly Clarke
  12. Dunkin Donuts Coffee
  13. Del Monte
  14. Famous Amos
  15. Mrs. Butterworth’s
  16. Lenders
  17. Nissin Fooods
  18. Rayovac
  19. Starkist
  20. Bumble Bee
  21. Ragu
  22. Daisy
  23. Dukes
  24. Chicken of the Sea
  25. Florida’s Natural

Happy Couponing!!



I Love…

14 Nov

I was thinking about a few funny, quirkey things that I love doing… or explain why I am me… and figured I would create a post about them…. so if you wanted to know a little bit more about me, here goes—

I love delving deeper into my faith, but just wish I could speak it to people the way I have it in my head!

I love being a wife, but hate getting in spats!

I love being a mom, but hate having to discipline them!

I love baking, but have all these dreams and no money to do anything about them!

I love being an adult, but hate having to be responsible and pay bills!

I love to imagine having more kids, but the two I have can be tough at times!

I love looking back on memories from my past, but wish I still had those people I enjoyed making those memories with still around me now!

I love to drive fast, but I hate to drive in general!

I love talking to people that are passionate about the same things I am, but that’s sometimes hard to find!

I love eating out and trying new things, but also enjoy cooking most meals at home!

I love creating new recipes, but feel like it was a waste of time and money if they turn out bad!

I love my friends, but realize that I am not the very best friend a person can have!

I love being creative, but often my projects turn out way better in my mind!

I love being called “mommy”, but am already dreading the day they “leave the nest”!

I love being a stay at home mom, but realize now that even they need time for themselves!

I love saving money, but hate buying something and then realizing afterwards that I could have saved even more on it elsewhere!

I love having a place to call home, but hate when bathroom cleaning day comes around!

I love being organized, but hate that that usually never happens around my house!

I love having date nights with my hubby, but really hate leaving my kiddos behind!

I love imagining a great blog post in my head, but hate when it comes out not-so-good after it is written!

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