Hope in the Midst of Devastation

27 May

Imagine playing with your children or talking on the phone and looking up to see a monster tornado barrelling down your way… that is how a good day turned sour for many people on April 27th, in Dekalb county, Alabama… and in many other areas since.
Devastation is still thick in the little town in Alabama that sits in between Fort Payne and Henager. In a county that lost 33 lives,  10 of which were in a town with no name, just known as “county”, a month of viewing horrific destruction is still wandering what is next?
When will the little corner country store, vegetable stand, churches and numerous homes be occupied again? With piles of debris, leafless trees, and power lines laying on the ground and unimaginable sights every where you look, small glimmers of hope bring back life in a tiny country town that yearns for the days of the past.
Although life will never return to those known prior to April 27th, bright smiles after a store owner answers yes to a question about rebuilding, tells you that life in this small town, will go on. Buildings will go back up, trees will be replanted, gas station pumps will be remounted… and life will go on!
Hope from people that walked away from demolished buildings that had crumbled on them. Hope from people that watched their neighbors emerge lifeless. Hope from people that buried a mother with her 6 year old daughter. They have hope…
This hope though needs assistance. Assistance in rebuilding, replanting and restablishing the life they loved prior to the day an E4 tornado devastated their lives.
Now…. what can we band together and do to assist in ensuring this hope becomes a reality?


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